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Via onze contacten hebben we te horen gekregen dat er een mooie vacature is die voortbouwt op het fundament van Louis Le Roy en gericht is op groen-participatie. Voor de hele vacature op de website van de universiteit van Leuven klik je op de link onderaan dit artikel.




The project ‘Green Participation', financed by The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO)  explores the possibilities and challenges of participation and collaboration in green design from both a historical and theoretical perspective (e.g. engaging with posthumanism and environmental humanities, political ecology and science and technology studies). 

The project departs from the work of Louis Le Roy (1924-2012), who at the end of the 1960s put participatory processes into practice in landscape design. Le Roy's field of work was mainly situated in the Netherlands, supplemented by assignments in Belgium, France and Germany. The resonance within the professional world, however, extended far beyond this geographical scope. The work of Le Roy serves as a starting point to study the broader development and dissemination of ideas, practices, and actors involved in an inclusive conception of ecological landscape design.

 ‘Green participation’ places the analysis of publications, archival collections, oral testimonies and realized works in dialogue with theoretical fields, such as posthumanism. The project aims at revisiting the history of green infrastructure from a perspective that introduces citizens’ actions and agency of non-humans (and the relationship between them) in an otherwise often human-centered urban planning and policy narrative. A critical reflection on social and spatial inequalities, and a “situated” perspective are at the core of the research: revisiting specific historical cases, and thus gaining insight in the meeting of ambitions in the fields of (landscape) design as well as ecological, social and political sciences will be placed in the context of current debates on post-human ecologies and related discussions, for example on re-wilding. 

The research is supervised by prof. Bruno Notteboom of KULeuven, and prof. Isabelle Doucet of Chalmers University of Technology and it will result in a dual doctoral degree from KULeuven/Chalmers. The PhD student will be geographically based predominantly at KULeuven, but the project includes research and training stays in Sweden and also elsewhere (for case study analysis). The PhD student will be involved in the organization of expert meetings and a conference, and take part in an international network of research institutions, including VU Amsterdam and Wageningen University and Research.

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03 okt 2024;
19:30 -
TIJDreizen 4: politiek
13 okt 2024;
10:30 - 16:00
Le Roy route wandelen
26 okt 2024;
13:00 - 17:00
100 jaar is niets!
31 okt 2024;
13:00 - 17:00